Standard "Non-Ferro Magnetic" (MRI) Biopsy Tray Featuring a New Non-Ferrous Scalpel. We will CUSTOMIZE any tray configuration, based upon your needs.

Standard MRI Biopsy Tray

Standard MRI Biopsy Tray

Featuring a New Non-Ferrous Scalpel

1 5cc syringe luer lock
2 10cc syringe luer lock
1 20cc syringe luer lock
1 20g x 9cm non-ferromagnetic injection needle
1 # 11 blade non-ferromagnetic scalpel with plastic handle
1 plastic forcep fine tip
6 4×4's 12 ply
2 2×2's 12ply
1 ChloraPrep? 3ml
1 Betadine swabs (pkg 3)
1 sterile pen with ruler (to write on labels)
1 sheet labels
1 Alcohol prep
1 Steri-strip 4 inch (3 per card)
1 4oz specimen cup
1 towel 17 x 20 white
1 prep tray/kit 10x5x2


Non-Clinical testing demonstrated that this product is MR conditional and can be used in the MRI environment according to the following conditions:
  1. Static magnetic of 3-Tesla or less
  2. Highest spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm or less

Important note: This product is intended for use inside of the MRI environment (in the MR system room). It should not be utilized directly inside of the MR system (inside the bore of the scanner) during its operation (scanning). As such, the assessment of magnetic field interactions for this product specifically involved evaluations of translational attraction and torque in relation to exposure to a 3-Tesla MR system. This product has not been tested for MRI-related heating and artifacts.

Image for illustrative purposes only, your tray may contain items different than those pictured.

Product NumberDescriptionQuantity/Case
PMS-126MRI Biopsy Tray10