Q-Wire System

A remarkable breast localization system.

Precise Localization

Every time

The Q-wire System, for marking suspect non palpable breast lesions, consists of a preloaded thickset localization wire within a highly echogenic puncture needle, accompanied by a topical fixation clip.

When introduced into tissue, the unique tip of the localization wire forms the letter Q, which allows for optimal anchorage in breast tissue. A distal depth indicator, positioned 2 cm from the tip of the wire, indicates the precise distance from the lesion during surgery.

The system is accompanied with a fixation clip, which is used to stabilize the wire at skin level.

All advantages at a glance:Needle:

  • Self-feeding hub
  • Centimeter depth markings
  • Extremely sharp atraumatic tip
  • Highly echogenic needle tip geometry - coated for frictionless tissue penetration
  • Thicker than standard wires, reduces risk of wire transection
  • Kink Resistant
  • Visible in Mammography and Ultrasound
  • Firm fixation in any tissue
  • Depth Indicator, palpable/tactile surgeon's marker on the wire

Product NumberGaugeLengthQuantity/Case
271461203 cm10
271462205 cm10
271463207.5 cm10
2714642010 cm10