Somacore Verify

For Soft Tissue Biopsy

Precise Ultrasound Positioning

Tailored to Meet a Wide Range of Clinical Requirements For Biopsy Procedures


  • Three unique ring positions
    • No throw mode
    • Delay mode
    • Automatic ring mode
  • Double Diamond Arrow tip point designed to penetrate hard lesions
  • Echogenically 'etched' to ensure optimal visibility under Ultrasound
  • Reliable quality of biopsy samples by a large sample notch and sharp cutting cannula
  • Innovative delay mode to allow tissue to settle in the sample notch and reposition the cannula before cutting if necessary
  • Two trigger buttons allow for di erent biopsy handling techniques according to each clinical case

Product NumberDescriptionSizeQuantity/Case
900380-USSomacore Verify14 G x 10 cm5
900390-USSomacore Verify14 G x 10 cm5
170531-USPuncture Sheath10
170541-USPuncture Sheath10