Tuloc® Premium

Single-handed, repositionable breast localization. Tuloc® Premium allows the user to localize and place the wire safely with one hand, while simultaneously guiding the ultrasound transducer in the other.

Accurate Penetration

For Easy, Single-Handed Operation

Tuloc® Premium is intended for the preoperative marking of non-palpable, suspicious breast lesions and facilitates intra-operative localization for the surgeon.

Tuloc® Premium is particularly user friendly for ultrasound treatments as it can be used single-handed. This allows the user to make markings simultaneously to guiding the ultrasound transducer.

The wire of the Tuloc® now has depth markings for secure location for the radiologist and the surgeon. The radiologist uses the two distal markings for orientation when placing the wire. They indicate whether the arches of the wire are inside or outside the cannula. The remaining markings at distances of 2 cm give the surgeon information on the distance to the distal tip of the wire. This makes it possible to excise the tumor accurately.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Single-handed operation
  • Removable cannula
  • Safe stop prevents dislocation
  • Extreme sharpness promotes accurate penetration
  • Centimeter depth markings

Product NumberGaugeLengthQuantity/Case
271880205 cm10
271881209 cm10
2718832012 cm10