Tumark® MRI

The Tumark® MRI allows for precise tissue marking under MRI control.

Precision Tissue Marking

High Visibility

The Tumark® MRI is adapted in shape and size for the application within the MRI gantry. The placement of the marker can easily be performed inside the MRI. The ergonomic handle with slide button furthermore allows for easy, single-handed deployment. The new 3D marker design enables firm anchorage in the tissue with optimal visibility in all positions.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Completely MRI compatible
  • Shape and size adapted for the application within the MRI gantry
  • Very small puncture trauma
  • Approved U-shape marker
  • Very good visibility under ultrasound

Product NumberGaugeLengthQuantity/Case
6015701812 cm10
601570-e1812 cm10