Tumark® Professional

The Tumark® system enables precise tissue marking.

Superior Visibility

With Precision Anchoring

Preloaded with a state-of-the-art, highly echogenic 3-D marker, the Tumark® Professional is specifically designed to address the many potential pitfalls associated with 'Clip Migration".

With Tumark® Professional, sites can be marked in a gentle way and with minimum invasion before cytostatic or radiation treatment begins. Following successful chemo or radiation therapy, the tissue area concerned can be reliably and quickly found again.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Clever 3D marker design enables firm anchorage in the tissue and increases visibility in all positions (patent pending)
  • Optimum visibility for ultrasound, mammography and MRI
  • The marker is MRI compatible up to 3 teslas
  • The marker is approved as implantable material (Nitinol)
  • The marker is supplied preloaded
  • Ergonomic handle for single-handed operation

Product NumberGaugeLengthClip ShapeQuantity/Case
2715101810 cmEYE10
2715121812 cmEYE10
271557187 cmU-Shape10
2715591810 cmU-Shape10
2715601812 cmU-Shape10